The Design Process


Design Questionnaire: You’ll be asked to fill out a design questionnaire that is all…about…you. Yes, that’s right. You have thoughts and we want to hear about it.

In-Home Consultation: We never want to go into a project not knowing what to expect and how we should prepare ourselves. This is your time to show us your home, explain to us what you want and need, and for us to measure, snap photos, and gather up all of your thoughts. 

Concept Development: This is our time to play, plan, create, plan again, and recreate until we get our design on the right track. The concept development phase is our opportunity to figure out solutions and for us to spend time working on our presentation. You should expect a floor plan, an e-design board, fabric + material selections, and other visuals we feel will help us communicate to you our design ideas. 

Time duration: 2-3 weeks 

Client Review + Revise: Once we’ve completed the design development phase, we hand you our design package. This is your time to think and decide what you like and what you don’t like (we hope you like it all!). You may have questions or may want to see alternative fabric selections, and this is what this phase is for. 

Purchasing: This is when your investment comes back to you and you can do a little happy dance! After loads of planning, it’s time to make some purchasing decisions and it always helps that your investment comes back to you. We finalize pricing for you and you choose the items you want to give a go-ahead on. This phase requires the client to put a 50% deposit towards their purchases and to sign a document giving us permission to order furniture. 

Time duration:  12 weeks (Stock and availability permitting)

Installation: This phase is our favorite part and will be your favorite part, too! After we’ve inspected your furniture, we’ll set up delivery, and make sure the delivery process goes smoothly. 

Lexington Delivery: $75 per installation

Delivery to surrounding cities: Quoted at the time of purchase


($500 towards in-store purchases made within 90 days of Client Review)

+ $250 each additional room (goes toward store credit)

Follow-up: Let’s say along the way, you decide you want a little extra help with accessorizing your home. Any extra work that was not discussed and planned in the consultation and the concept development phase require an additional $75 per hour.

Follow-ups include: Bookshelf styling, coffee table styling, and personal shopping.

Note: Any personal shopping done OUT of Market on National will require a retainer of amount quoted by the designer. 


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